Christmas Gnome Tomte Nisse Etsy Post!

It is Christmas at my house! I didn't want Christmas to come before Thanksgiving but it just seems to creep up anyway! But I love Christmas and this little Gnome is a big part of my Christmas. I have been painting Gnomes or rather Tomte or Nisse since my son was born in the 70's. I was enchanted with Snow white as a child and was so delighted by her little 7 dwarfs. When I went to England I discovered Gnomes and finally found Scandinavian Tomte and Nisse. So this little guy is a part of my Christmas tradition.

I took an old beloved illustration I paint several years ago while developing my children's book character. He he is not the little boy Nisse in my story but I like him so much. I think he would be a great Christmas card. Some day I need to send him to a card company.

I wanted to paint on him a little more. I decided to use my new digital skills. I have learned so many magical things using digital painting techniques. So I took the drawing and added fun star sparkles and snow and such that makes him ever so much more lovely. I put him on Etsy for sale as a print today.
Next I was asked by some artists friends to be part of a very small ornament swap. So out came these little Ornaments. I used all the wonderful things I learned Art Fiber Fest this past June. (Many from Ruth Rae)
It was so cool to go to the fabric store and find Glitter netting to lay over my Gnome and give him his very own little snowstorm! You can't see it in the photo but they sparkle and glitter and I look forward to seeing them on the tree when the twinkle lights hit him!

I will post the rest of them each day as I put them up on Etsy. I have 3 more different ones.


Sarah said…
He is so sweet Deirdra! I have a lovely book about gnomes and I am sure oe of the authors has a name a bit like Tomte. I could be imagining that though! It is not Christmas in my house yet but it might be soon!
Q-UTE, Deirdra!!! I can't wait to see the twinkle lights sparkling on him, either!
: ) lulu

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