The "Young Miss Marie" is listed on Etsy today. I have been having fun taking pictures of my dolls. The roses from my birthday have stayed so beautifully. I can't stop taking pictures of them. And oh how lavish and movies star like does Miss Marie look among their petals.Maybe she looks a little like this starlet from the Norma Shearer movie

Marie Antoinette (1938).

I got the most wonderful comment from the buyer of my pink Marie Antoinette on my first sale on etsy. I have to share because it is so new to me and I am so happy.

"OH MY- OH MY! I cannot say enough about just how much I love her. Wonderful artistry. I am so proud to call her mine. My family just adores Miss A. She makes a lovely addition to our home."

This little card delights me. A dear friend gave it to me for my Birthday.
"To the Great Handmaiden of Art"!


sonia close said…
Deirdra your blog and your work are Gorgeous!! love it all.
Lydia said…
Great ! Love your work ! Lydia Glad to meet you:)
Sue said…
Deirdra, she is gorgeous!
Regina said…
I popped over to your blog to see who left me such a nice comment. What a fun blog you have built. Your dolls are amazing (and I'm not really big on dolls.) Love the mix of romance, whimsy & realism.
Anonymous said…
YES- I love my girl! :) Thanks Deirda.

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