The slow organizing of the studio...a kind of meditation.......decorated and trimmed the tree today...put up shelf...placed the doll...finished staining and making steel and wood shelves. I like how they have silver steel accents....(I showed them in previous post)
Very cool Ikea metal drawers on wheels....this is really exciting....I can have my paints and tools right next to my desk in a retro modern piece that is not that plastic that the wheels keep breaking off....takes about 1 1/2 hour to assemble (sweet husbands did it for me, I couldn't figure it out or muscle it together!)...$38.....Yes I really really like it!
Lookie here....a great widget to make your paints go oil painting teacher said it really makes a difference and saves you lots of money....I like the way it makes your paints neater and easier to use and store.......

"The tube squeezer concentrates paints to keep them soft. Because it lays the walls of the tube flat together, it also reduces risks of breakage.

Another possible application of this tool is as a paper corrugator for craft."

Benoit Philippe - Artist visit his wonderful oil painting blog

Still slogging away at this still life on Monday's!
My oil study
But I finally learned something cool! When you paint the is all about values and color...keep the shadow side dull and a darker value...ochre color...and the side with the light is very warm because the warm light is hitting it....just the edges are lite on some of the it finally worked...and cut back into the flowers with the blue back ground to give them definition. Lights and Darks....value's the same in shadow side or lite side.....soft edges.......hard edges.....warm light cool shadows...........use the classical principals of the Russian Impressionist.............yeah!!!
now look at the teachers version...........
Teacher's oil demo....Jennifer Diehl
Master Painter Teachers...Jennifer Diehl work....she is such a great painter and teacher!!!!


Janine said…
Deirdra, I love your painting!
Anonymous said…
Love seeing your studio! I almost bought one of the metal drawers at Ikea the other day...are you happy with it? I am slowly getting my studio purged and organized and am really tired of the plastic drawers with broken wheels! LOL LOVE your painting, just beautiful!
Anji Gallanos said…
I had an aha moment after reading this..I love the idea of metal filing cabinets..that is exactly what I need in my studio...perfect. It's coming along beautifully..nice work and can't wait to see more.

What a beautiful space for creating lovely things.
Citygirl.em said…
Deirdra...these paintings are heavenly. I love both versions. You are a gifted artist. Can't wait to see more!

Your studio looks great, what kind of lights??? Wish I had an IKEA near us. Your floral is beautiful. Very good job on that.
Hey Deirdra - I love the lit up tree and the little shelf (with one of my favorite paintings and your doll!). I really like your oil study, too! Are the colors painted on top of the underpainting I had seen before, or is this a different canvas? Anyway, great progress!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful Studio and Wonderful Painting.... :) You never cease to amaze Deirda with your creative spirit! I love your work...
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful studio... what a wonderful blog!!! I'm so pleased... I stumbled upton this one!! Thanks

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