"Wise Men Kneel while Angels praise Him" a line from my new "It's Christmas" song. Beautiful Angels I saw in Vienna Art Museum.
Christmas for Musicans is in July, I am late!!! I wrote a song last Christmas and my husband John Doan made it REAL for me. He is so Darling!!! We are going to record it this weekend and my sweet and wonderful friend Harald post below is going to mix it for us. My job this week is to make a youtube Christmas video to post it with....I have been gathering photo's and video's this week. I plan to edit it today.
I had shot some video film last year at the end of Christmas season. Our manager told me the way to get my song out was to post a video on youtube in Aug. I am late!!! A few days ago I wrote my friend Suzi blu. about how she made her video's work for youtube. Speaking to her made me happy, thinking about how she is a dreamer and does fun romantic things on her video's. So I played dress up and ran in the woods and filmed myself. Then the next day I dressed up more and went to my friends garden. She filmed me and took photo's for me. It is hard to film yourself....(you do such a good job Suzi!!!) Anyway it so fun. My husband is wondering what a little fairy with a candle has to do with anything I am doing but I think I am following my spirit......and I will have the video up in a few weeks I hope....Pray for me.
Great painting I saw in Vienna by Klimt . My song has words about gathering together, and carols and everything to do with Christmas...


suzi blu said…
Yay! Cant wait to see and hear the video!!
Anonymous said…
You are certainly multi talented...I look forward to seeing the video.
I love the paintings.
Joan said…
Beautiful Deirdra,

I am simply awestruck at how busy, productive, creative, and adventurous you have been this summer!
It is wonderful to see you here and to hear about all the wonderful things you are seeing through to fruition:)

About 'Kellen's Star', yes it is a photo that I shot, and yes, you of course are more than welcome to use it.
Let me know if there is anything you need and I'll see what I can do!

Much love to you, and Happy Autumn!xoxo

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