I did it !!! I made my first music video all by myself! I have done a couple other projects. Simple art demo's for a friend. I also filmed 30 hours in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and other people edited the video. You can see the on on St. Patrick click here of my husband telling stories and playing. You can also see the youtube version on my song click here It is much bigger but not as clear as the little one below.

But this is mine my very own!!! I wrote the Song and filmed, acted and edited. A friend Jan filmed me in her yard and I filmed myself in the woods on our property.

I wrote the song humming away as I was getting ready for Christmas last year. Then I sang it all the way down to California from Oregon and in AZ to anyone and everyone who would listen, to friends, family, shop keepers......I called it my handmade song.

People liked it. I had some funny verses about "were busy making fruit cake....BRANDY WHERE'S THE BRANDY! honey will you get some" I sounded like a lush...but I did make the Best Fruit cake ever and I don't usually like it...

So finally one morning after we got home during the week after Christmas my composer husband came flying out of the bed room in his PJ's singing my song, He was waving his arms and conducting the children's choir and orchestra while singing Josh Groban's parts of my song!!! It was so cute. He heard it in his sleep and felt it could really be a great tune.

I wrote the music and the lines It's Christmas and the words after. He added the part that repeats "As we gather all together again....." I had heard something in my head sorta like that but was not talented enough to get it, it was out there the song had a life of it's own and wanted to come through me and John. I believe it was from God. He is the creative force after all....but it needed John to come on board and others too.
Another interesting tide bit. John has been playing Fernando Sor music for me for 2 years at night. It had gotten into my heart and brain. So when I started to write this little tune it was Fernando Sor like! Since he is the famous founder of Classical Guitar music 1819 I had a good teacher.

John raised notes in each section for a wonderful voice like Josh's so that it built...but then it was too high for me to sing!!! So he adapted it a little for me.

We recorded it on my MacBook Pro using the freeware Audacity recording program. Right off the mic on the Mac can you believe too can sing into your computer and make music and edit it, adding reverb...amazing. So anyway that is why it is not perfect but wow, "Anything worth doing is worth doing Badly at least at first!!"

We have not professionally recorded it yet but we will later. I want to put it on I tunes. I also want to get it to Josh but don't know how????? And any other great voices like Celine Dion (or Doris Day, I used to sing her songs as a little girl) you know any one??? and how to get it out???? I have the music in a score if you want to use it for your Christmas programs or recordings let me know.

I wish I could figure out how to get the uploaded quality better on youtube but I can't (I have tried to many wasted hours )and now I need to get ready for Art and Soul this week! So I will let you know when I have the better version video up and running.

Anyway here is it and please enjoy.....I am so happy.


Cindy Thomson said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful video and the song is wonderful. You should be very proud of yourself. I hope you get thousands of youtube hits and Celine picks it up!
Anonymous said…
it is beautiful Deirdra! such a wonderful song to go with your images!
i hope it gets out there for all to see!!!

thank you so much for the photos you took and shared with me from my class... i just uploaded them this morning and love that you took the time so we could have them, i will cherish them! AND thank you for spending two days with me! i wish you the best and hope to see you soon! xoxoxoxo
kelly rae said…
it's wonderful, deirdra!
i'm so impressed. it should be a classic christmas tune :)

all the best,
Dayna Collins said…
Deirdra, it was good to see you at Art and Soul and to tell you in person what a beautiful song you have written (and such a beautiful voice, too). Good luck with finding just the right person to carry your song into the world.
Karen Owen said…
Bravo! Your video is beautiful, and you already know I love the song. I'm really impressed with the whole production.

Anonymous said…
Your song is wonderful. Your images are so beautiful, they put me in the Christmas spirit.
I will be in Denmark this Christmas...I know "Lucky me :)"
Unknown said…
I finally got a chance to listen/watch your song/video on YouTube. Very nice, I especially like the snowy wood bits, you look like a Christmas Fairy. You have a lovely voice. I'll email it to my friends. By the way, what did you take at Art&Soul?

Deirdra! Your video and song are beautiful! And is that you singing? You have a lovely voice! I wanted to stand up and aplaud - you are so multi-talented!
Tina said…
Deirdra - hey you - class mate - nice to see you visit me and my blog and for the sweet comment. Your video is very cool - you are a women of many talents...stay in touch and stop by again - I am posting some new faces I just finished and let me tell you they are looking lots better...very misty-ish I think anyway,take care
One Crabapple said…
Beautiful - Just beautiful

It turned out so nice

And the edit work is done really well !

That was alot of work !

You look beautiful and your voice sounds so pretty too.

Merry Christmas !
And Congratulations. What an accomplishment.

ps best of fun at A&S.
Jeanette Janson said…
Hi Deirdra-
I tagged you...
Check out my blog:

Camellia said…
Greetings from the Delta:

I am already loving this blog. Thanks for visiting mine, and I know we are going to enjoy those dolls.

Your song is just perfect.!!!!!!

P. S. for more real Mississippi Delta stuff...try

and Keetha'll love your blog, too.
Camellia said…
Greetings from the Delta:

I am already loving this blog. Thanks for visiting mine, and I know we are going to enjoy those dolls.

Your song is just perfect.!!!!!!

P. S. for more real Mississippi Delta stuff...try

and Keetha'll love your blog, too.
Unknown said…
Actually, Donna sent me your blog link ealier today - I love Christmas and so enjoyed your song and the video! It was so evocative of the season.

Thanks for visiting.
Unknown said…
WOW!!! Beautiful song and video!! I love your blog!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comments about my Christmas art!

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