I have been painting a Valentine Queen for a charm swap I was involved with. We were to make 52 charms. A feat for a girl who has never even made one. But I bellied up to the table and got her done! (not without lots of whining and complaining though) I am looking forward to seeing all them when I get back 50!!! It will be like being a little kid in 1st grade opening your Valentine box!!!

I want to make a video of how I did them so I am saving that for later. I also took the oil painting I used for the Charm and made it into a full piece of Art for a gallery show in Independence Oregon. The show is called "Wild Women" and the piece has to have to do with the theme of women issues. So it was perfect.

I submitted it with "Hope" the mixed media piece of the Mother & Child you can see on my blog. I called my Heart Queen painting work "The Gift". I used the new techniques of mixed media and collage as in the other works and tried the Bees Wax for the first time.

I was inspired by a painting of "King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba" by Konrad Witz (1435) I love the works of the 14oo's. I used a collage that I manipulated in Photo Shop and then cut it out and placed it on the canvas and painted over it. I made a video of what I was doing in some of the steps and plan to make it available sometime.

I have thought a lot about the work. I turned the Queens Chalice that represented her Gold & Treasure's (her money) into a Heart and gave her a Heart Crown. I realize that if you look at what you spend your money on it really shows where your heart is. Or likewise if you want to see where a person's heart is look at what they spend their money on. (my sweet husbands heart is sure towards me if you look at our bank account ;>) If you want your heart to go towards something or someone put your money towards that and your Heart will happily follow that path.

I want my Heart go after God. It only takes pleasing the King to be Blessed! Look at Sheba, she left with way more than she gave.

Historically whenever people come before King's or Great people they bring a gift. Even if the King doesn't need it it shows were the Heart of the giver is and how loyal they are towards him.

"Wherever your Treasure is, there your Heart and thoughts will also be” Luke 12:34

Blessings on "The Gift" of your HEART this coming Valentines season.

Love Love Deirdra


Unknown said…
Your work is beautiful, Deirdra. You are certainly gifted! I can't wait to get my charms back and see what everyone did. I love hearts and Valentine-y stuff.
Ellen Lyn said…
Hi Deirdra!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! The quote you asked about belongs to Mother Teresa. Love your paintings, especially the one of Bree!

Dayna Collins said…
Deirdra, beautiful, beautiful, just like you. Dayna
Carols said…
Hi Deirda,

Your work is Truth turned into Art.
Beautiful and Good.

Love, Carol
Deirdra Doan said…
I had to copy and past this comment!!!!From Misty Mawn's email to me.

I wanted to comment on your blog, but cannot remember my Google I just wanted to tell you that I think your Valentine Queen is wonderful! you did a beautiful job painting her!
Misty Mawn

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