Christmas: so so fun this year! I gave gifts of little paintings and art journal boxes to family and friends. While getting ready for Christmas I heard this wonderful little tune. "It's Christmas It's Christmas were busy making things pretty, Full days filling stockings, bright lights, late nights, it's Christmas." More verses came with each thing I was doing, "The kitchens filled with fruit cakes, brandy, where's the brandy, Honey will you find it!" (my first fruitcake, mmmmh so good, no citrus, lots of cherries)And on and on.

I sang it to anyone who would listen, in the car while friends in Woodland Hills took us to see lights at Candy Cane Lane, every Christmas celebration we were at, to shop keepers. I called it my home made song, like at homemade gift.....

Soon my great composer husband couldn't get it out of his head and he had to work on it and make it Wonderful just to get it out of his head. He heard in a dream Josh Groban singing it and orchestration and wonderful children's choirs. He was waving his arms around in is PJ's one morning conducting it all!!!

So I will keep you posted on it's success. If anyone has any connections in the music world we are going to see where it will go. We sang it at a New Years Party and everyone said it is a instant Classic. These were writers and musicians. My writer friend said it was like she has always known it. The some of the words are different now, we keep the great parts and added new words.

My other writer friend Sara Wiseman wrote.
"I love the song! it's fabulous, very addictive tune and the words bring forth all of the remembrances of the season."
(By the way she is a great freelance writer and does MARKETING SERVICES if you need anything done go to her site. She edited my children's book and it is GREAT!!! click here Wiseman Creative)

I believe it was Gods Christmas gift to me this year. It has been warming my heart all month. I can't tell you how comforting it is to sing it and hear others play it. Our friend who plays the mandolin played it and it was magic!! (He is the one with the beard)


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