More Ukraine Love

 Ukraine was only a week but it will be in my heart forever. 

 In Keiv an amazing photographer took my husbands photo's. So powerful.
 Back in Lviv the streets.

In the ancient town of Lviv there is a very ancient Byzantine church. The paintings I am showing are front the 1890's I think. I love this romantic style of painting…like the Pre Raphaelite  painters. Meron one of our hosts took us on a personal tour of his city..

 After Meron and his son Vladimir (the owners of the guitar factory were they are making my husbands 20 string harp guitar) took us to dinner at a very special restaurant. The food was so great and exotic to me in a familiar way. 
Trembeta guitar factory.
 Then we took a overnight Russian train to Kiev. What a trip that was…so old ..arriving at midnight I felt like I was in a black and white film from 1930's. I could also feel the WW 11 and the sadness and the Jewish tragedy. The little bunk beds and Russian coffee cups for the was like a dream. 
We had a cabin but in the back everyone just slept in their own bed in with others all around. Whew...
Walking the streets to our hosts Victoria's home in the fancy side of the city by the ancient gate. 
 The Golden Gate...of Keiv.

 The deck off Victoria's apt. in the Golden Gate district.
 Lovely Victoria designed her apt...up 6 flights of stairs. No elevator. It was so wonderful to stay with her. She is the one not he right.
 A party in the country. Jay Buckey in the Hawaiian shirt is from USA. He lives in Ukraine and he is making harp guitars with Trembeta.
 It has been a long dream of John's for people to have a harp guitar they can afford. Up to now they were only antiques or you had to have it made for you. We are so happy now to be part of helping people all  over the world get a harp guitar and helping the Ukrainian people have work!! They are so wonderful.


Beautiful places, art, music - it must all be so inspiring! Glad you'll be home soon!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful time you have been having. I have read all your posts and enjoyed them enormously. The fire breathing dragon is amazing.
Will you be coming our way anytime soon.
Janine said…
Wonderful pictures Dierdra! You don't put many things on your blog anymore I had removed it from my list but I do check in now and then and am always pleasantly surprised! I am happy you are having a wonderful trip!
Deirdra Doan said…
Yes I am going to start again. I just use facebook. But now I k
now how to do it quickly so I am going to use it lots again.Thanks, Deirdra

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