Redecorating and Squeezed in a Painting...

This is the table by our bed..with a little girl I made with Sheri Debow the cute..she is an amazing doll maker and person.

I have been selling furniture and redecorating ..crazy with little time but I  squeezed in a painting! Check me out on Facebook where I posted photo's of my trips to CA and WY for Christmas and the redecorating idea's..

I love the blog but I have to make 4 steps..where with one click from iphoto I can post a photo. I love the new look of Facebook..


spindelmaker said…
I was just thinking about a couple of hours ago! I really like your painting, such a lovely girl! Loving the dark under-color.
I do hope you´re fine. :-)
Really great painting Deirdra and I love the table as well!
I will have to check out Facebook features as I have been having a bunch of trouble with Blogger but I not really sure why.
I will check out the photos on your Facebook. Have a great evening!
Tina xo
Lisa Graham said…
You are gifted in so many areas...what a blessing! Your painting is wonderful...I love her expression, her soft pink cheeks and that wonderful blue with texture against the white hair...nice work!

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