Off to Paris..Barcelona...Dresden..London..

 Dreaming of Paris..and Barcelona..
I have never been to Spain and Monday morning I will be in Barcelona and the then next Sunday in Paris for my husbands birthday!....Of course I have been working on booking concerts and details since Sept!
 Lulu and I painted..last Sat. You can see were my head was..
 I am taking the Women in White Novel to read...I hope I like it...
 I bought plants at the beautiful Dancing Oaks Nursery and my live in house sitter said he would plants I am hoping to come home to a Garden that looks like you think??? I will be posting on Facebook mostly as it quicker and I can put up photo fast..please friend me and see me look at the adventures...maybe even some Cannon S95..takes great photo's and HD video.. Happy Maying!!!..


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