I am a Blog Star!!

Yesterday I became a blog star!!!

Craft Month: A Blog is a Journey Towards Inspiration, Movitation, Connection, and Mehttp://wordcastnet.com/2011/craft-month-a-blog-is-a-journey-towards-inspiration-movitation-connection-and-me/#comments

Deirdra DoanI’m delighted that WordCast has invited me to participate in their Craft Blogging Month. I hope my story will find hope and inspiration in you and help you take the first step towards building your own art blog.

My friend Lorrelle is a blogging and social network QUEEN.  She works for big companies helping them with their social networking plans. She also has written books on social networking, she has a hugely popular blog for blogger's and she is the Key note speaker at conferences.
The Beautiful and Talented Lorrelle and her sweet & brilliant Brent VanFossen

I am a star...Click here to see the Blog Article by me..with editing help big time by Lorrell. It is really worth seeing it is a big article with lots of info and links to favorite blogs that have influenced me.

Here is the first comment about what others thought of it. I also was thanked by bloggers I mentioned personally!
Lin Wilson says:
I’ve just read Deirdra Doan’s blogging story and am so inspired. I can feel the emotion that this form of networking has created in Deirdra. It makes me want to create a blog straight away! Thanks so much for your beautiful story Deirdra, Lin, Sydney, Australia.


Theresa said…
Congrats! That was great and you shared so many ladies who inspire me too. Keep on shining and inspiring!
Happy creative weekend to you!
Janine said…
Congratulations Deirdra! Good for you!
Dayna Collins said…
You are a blog star! Great article about your art and blogging journey.
Micki said…
Congrats! What an honor!
Yes Deirdra[nice name!!!]i would love to know how you lost the weight 'cos I need to badly

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