I wanted to post my lovely mixed Media Ornament swap tree.
I have traded with some of my professional arty friends the last couple years and love my tree so much. Lulu makes the coolest dolls...Michell is amazing, Janne...Mystele, Micki..thanks so much my dear friends..

I am still here. I am doing the Christmas wind down. Had a beautiful Christmas and New Years. You can see some of it on my Facebook. I am putting more photo's up there as it is easy now that my iphoto and facebook are connected. So please visit there too and lets be friends.

I am working on getting my studio together..had a old oak chest stripped and I am staining, sanding and oiling. Working on my children's book and finally gearing up to do a Social network and video campaign for my our biz..my husband www.johndoan.com boy..And a new web..my real job..
on a new diet (very radical and works) and doing a new exercise program..whew..

Hope you had a wonderful time at Christmas too.


Micki Wilde said…
What a lot of awesome ornaments!!, I had fun swapping with you :o)

Micki x
Theresa said…
Sounds like your off to a great start in the new year! The swap images are wonderful. Glad you had a great holiday season. I will look you up on FB and send you a little note. Happy weekend! ~Theresa
spindelmaker said…
Your tree looks lovely! And thank you again for your beautiful snow-flake-girl!
C. said…
You are very lucky! These are all so pretty!
C. said…
Hi Deirdra,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Its a bit ADHD right now, all over the place. I was going to e-mial but couldn't find a link so I will keep it short (right..) First off, the ADQ with the pink ballerina you were featured in....my very first ADQ- you are officially a part of my journey :) And as far as pictures- I updated my 'art theatre' and pretty much everything is on there now. I invite you to follow my blog over the next few months becuase I am working on a large sculpture that I intend to enter in ART PRIZE. She's 57 inches tall, paper mache over wire armature and I am trying to incorporate the look and feel of cloisonne by using resin, nail polish and crushed glass, and all kinds of other media and concepts like the bird/ballerina I recently tossed down my stairs (just for grins- not really) Because of her size she will probably take the greater part of the next 6 months or so. So if you'd like to check it out you are more than welcome to visit any time. Have a great week!-Chris
michelle allen said…
what a fun tree!!! love it! you better get that studio all spruced up so you can host a little arting extravaganza when Janne comes :)
Dayna Collins said…
This mixed media Christmas tree is wonderful! I love the variety and the color -- such a vibrant addition to the holiday.

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