Queen of England who secretly loved France...(my dream)

The deep call of painting was calling & I had to take a day to or morning to paint while in Germany. John was recording at Peter Fingers studio's. He is the Acoustic Guitar scene in Germany. He has made it popular her. He has a magazine, festivals, world tours and record label. His beautiful wife is from France near Mirecourt where instruments have been made since the 1700's or sooner. There are lovely little valleys and white cows and woods and Baths around.

The Somerset part of England is a little like it and this Mirecourt areas have been a favorite of mine so far.

Anyway Odell and I had fun talking about France and men and french ways. I wanted to paint her a painting for a house gift. So since I was reading a book about Queen Elizabeth and my husband was showing me many photo's of paintings of women with instruments in history out popped this little mixed media art girl.

(I have been learning such amazing things about Elizabeth and Anne Bolyn her mother...more later.)

I used a stencil I picked up in Wales and a collage piece from Amsterdam..the red swirl. And of course a visit to the art store in Germany for the gold paint. Odell loves red..so red she is.

I am looking forward to sharing more photo's and info on my trip as time allows..or when I get home..

Summer Blessings,


spindelmaker said…
Queen Elizabeth is truly fascinating! I was hooked when I read a biography about her when I was 15. There are some pretty good films made about her the past couple of years, I´m intrigued by the costumes too, of course. Your girl couldn´t be a better house-gift. It is so you, and so John with the guitar, and I am sure she´ll appreciate it! Isn´t it funny how the creating-urge sometimes becomes just overwhelming?
Sarah said…
I love your little musician Deirdra! I like the patterns you have put around her, as if she is surrounded by swirling music. She is a lovely gift for Odell.
I am reading a book by Hilary Mantell at the moment called 'Wolf Hall' all about the life of Thomas Cromwell. It is currently about the scandalous Anne and the rush of Henry to get out of his marriage to Katherine. It is one of those books that really brings it all alive.

It sounds as if you continue to have a lovely time!
Dorthe said…
She is absolutely stunning, love the way you made this a very special whole.
I'm so glad you're painting while in Europe. What a beautiful gift! I recently read about Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth, too. Made me want to know more! When do you get back??? I miss you!
Janine said…
Deirdra, lovely painting!

I am an anglophile! I confess! I loved reading about Elizabeth I and about Anne Bolyn, Mary Queen of Scots and Mary Tudor! Oh yes and many, many books about King Arthur and Melin, lol!

The idea of traveling in the UK is such a wonderful dream for me, thank you for sharing your trip!
Diane Rooney said…
Oh gosh, I'm so very sorry to have missed you... I live so close to London.. but it wasn't meant to be...my Dad recently died as you know.. and well.. it's just been hard here. Coming out of it a bit now... still a long way to go, I think. I love your photos and am so thrilled you're having such a wonderful time. Everything's so inspirational. x
SusanLotus said…
Your painting is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

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