Judy Wise Art and Soul Class

Photo taken by Judy

This is the painting I did in Judy Wise's Encaustic Class. She named it "Ice Angel". It was so fun. Please go to Judy's blog and see the other wonderful paintings and Judy's fun story that goes with it. It means something to me. Some how having your belly button showing and being in the snow with diamonds, jewels, and stars around me touches me. But I don't have words to go with the feeling.

I have been busy getting my truck camper ready to sell. Do you remember it from before?
It just isn't my style. My husband and I like Van RV's. The camper doesn't have enough windows. We are looking for a Sprinter Van now to replace our old RV by Road Trek.

I will post the photo's of my class and the things I painted in Misty's class when things slow down. I met such wonderful women and a few men. I even had one in my class. I had a man in my doll class this summer too! It was so neat to have a chance to teach both men and women.

Between a big wonderful concert my husband is launching with his Fernando Sor music this weekend. And then we have a funeral for John's Dad on Monday in LA . So you see I have my hands full.


Cindy Thomson said…
Sorry to hear about John's dad. Sending prayers your way.

What a beautiful painting!
Janine said…
Deirdra, she is beautiful! I saw her on Judy Wise's blog and she did not attach names to the artwork but I took a double take and thought to myself, I wonder if that is Deirdra's work? Of course I came over here to check and sure enough! I really love this piece!
Janine said…
Deirdra, I am sorry I was so excited to see your art I did not read all of your post! I am so sorry to hear of your loss! My sympathies to you and John!
Unknown said…
Deirdre... Would love to see you teaching a doll making workshop next year at Art & Soul. I took Judy's "Doll's For Big Girls" class, and there is obviously a lot of interest, because it was sold out. I think they need to have more doll related classes.
spindelmaker said…
This lady is so lovely! Really beautiful!

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