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Klimt "the kiss"

I spent 4 days getting ready to teach my Klimt "Pretty as a Princess " class at art and soul and taught a practice was so amazing spending time with Klimt's images influenced by Byzantine icons with golden glows and faces of beauty.....

Painting for CD cover

Then I started working on a project for friends who wanted me to make a CD cover Illustration using some of William Blake images...He was full of spiritual images of angels and tales..

Mixed Media painting.....Songs for Loving and Dying
Deirdra Doan
And finally I got to make my own version of my painting I have been full of heavenly thoughts and earthly growth...with golden turquoise laminar paints giving me a very mystical week.

Mixed Media painting.....Songs for Loving and Dying
Deirdra Doan
Do you think the extra Angel on the left side looks good????


Renee said…
Deidra I must have missed all the action because I haven't got a clue what happened.

Regardless, I wanted to stop by and wish you a good day.

Love Renee xoxo
Unknown said…
Have no regrets, a rant can release a flow of memories and feelings trapped way back in the recesses of one's mind. If not for your thoughts you might never have experienced the learning. Isn't that what life is all about? We either keep it in and go nuts, or we get it out (sometimes publicly)like a sneeze that can't be held back! (I've decided that turning 40 is rite of passage that entitles one to express wisdom... or my take on it...HA) Come to think of it, I should take my own advice :0
Turned out very nice, Deirdra! I am back from vacation & can't wait to get crafty this upcoming long weekend! Cheers, Julie
Sherry said…
Ah Deirdra you are a loving soul. I am so glad that you had a chance to walk with and pray with Pastor Gruver and talk and hear about offer it as a group. How healing.

As for your comments and the posts you took down and why -- I echo Micah..have no regrets. We do things and we have valid reasons for doing them. And what you wrote at the time was well written, well expressed and beautiful. I seriously do not believe you intended your words to hurt anyone. You yourself had been hurting in the past and you worked through that. This is your life and sometimes the things we need to say for ourselves inadvertently hurt others. If we live our lives to never hurt another soul at the expense of our own..I don't think that's what the good Lord intended for us. That said, this is your blog, it is your life and taking down posts is your choice and I would say that we all respect your choices.

Your art is as always beautiful and I am so glad that you found peace and serenity in your work..the turquoise is so calming.
Pretty Things said…
I'm really sorry for whatever you had to go through -- but you art is amazing as always!
Deirdra Doan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deirdra Doan said…
ou all are so kind...I am new to the company of women and groups..I buried myself away in marriage because I wasn't tough enough to handle the issues between women that came from a difficult childhood with mothers, step grandmothers and aunts. But now I am stronger and joined up so I am learning how make my friend is trying to get me to say...".Bit me!!! "
Only children never learned that one!!!

I want to be strong but also kind even if someone disagree's with me.... hmm not sure how to do both....
Janine said…
Beautiful work Deirdra!

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