It was snowing in my home town yesterday...Oregon.....but I was dancing through

the temple of Rocks......
Entering this magic place in Sedona..

what a wonderful day!!!

When I was on the airplane flying to AZ last Thursday I worked on this journal page...Misty had a journal page challenge "I am"
I finally did is different than I would have done on my own but I was moved by a teaching my Pastor Denny gave called "Whose your Daddy?"
I have been dealing with some issues surrounding my life as I grew up with my mother who had very large needs as she had lost her mother to a accident at 18. Her identity was in her mother. Then she checked out with her mother and ended up in a mental hospital when I was 3. (you can read on my interview page I linked to a bit about my life.)
Not having a whole mother makes a women different as she doesn't have the covering she needs. I was needing the love of a woman and subjected my self to a servant place in my relationships with women to be loved and accepted...much rejection & self rejection came through this as a child. Over the past several years my true identity has come forth and the the words that my friend Denny spoke moved me deeply...I wanted to have them as affirmations and the journal page was a wonderful way to keep them close to my heart speaking life to me....


Sherry said…
What a beautiful affirmation...the journey you took from childhood to womanhood and discovered "who" you are from not having had a healthy female role model. We can do powerful, amazing things when we want to.

And Sedona is a beautiful place!
This is a wonderful post and Sedona is beautiful!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I have enjoyed my visit here! Have a blessed day!

I love your post,I lived in Phoenix 20 years ago and made Sedona my special place....Blessings to you!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad to hear that you have found who you are through adversity. I understand that feeling. My best wishes to you.

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