We made our 25 wedding aniversary! I never thought about it and then it came and it was so special....And we were in San Francisco. John was doing a gig with Mason Williams and it made it even more magical...We had a little potluck party at our home on July 4th with our friends and then we spent the real Aug. 4th date in SF.
We were hosted by Mason and Karen Williams for a beautiful dinner at Crustacean's in SF famous for being the birthplace of Fusion Cusine.
Art the piano player gave us silver salad tongs. John is using the fork to croon (singing to) me..
Karen and Mason gave us the prettiest silver candle stick holders. The real thing so now I can never polish off the silver....John is wearing the wrapping...

Beautiful Karen Williams. Crustacean is her all time favorite Restaurant.
Handsome Mason at the concert.
Everyone is looking forward to the roasted garlic crab.

Pictures in the mirror. Since I like my own photo's of my self I take lots of pictures the powder rooms.
Such an amazing crab!!!

Don't talk to Karen she is engrossed in her crab. I ate no crab for me...but I did taste a little bit!! too good...I had the garlic noodles instead and fried banana's and ice wonderful.

I loved the decor at Crustaceans. I was told were to get these lamps in Vietnam. I am going to see if my friends can pick me up a couple...the wire mesh made the flame so magical...

Tommy Smothers surprised Mason by coming to the concert.....He was near by as Tommy has a winery in Sonoma. Every one had a good time and the concerts was really really fun....come see one if you can. We can let you know if you put your email and state or country on John's web site.


Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary to you both and may you have many more.
What a beautiful couple you are.
It looks like you had a wonderful and delicious celebration.
Cindy Thomson said…
Congrats, Deirdra and John! How romantic. This year my husband and I are celebrating 26 years on Aug. 21.
Unknown said…

I'm so glad you two had such a wonderful celebration together for your Anniversary. The photos of you both are beautiful.

With Love,

Karen Owen said…
Belated happy anniversary wishes! I loved these photos. It looks like you all had a blast. It's now about a month until I come to Portland. I'm so excited to finally meet you in person.


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