One of the projects this summer that has been really big is the building of my new studio....I love the process of building. We built our home. But it made a mess of my downstairs. I still have to clean it all old stuff out in the basement that got put into the left over space after the new studio took over some of the storage areas.
We are finishing the 3rd bath as well. It will be great this winter to start to really paint....after the children's book is finished.

I am truly blessed. My dear husband, father in Law Dick and my God have been so good to me.

Cowboy Scott, our friend who is the man doing the building.
We had to build a tempory extra room to work on different projects for the new studio.
And lookie there a cool old bench that I am stripping. It came from a old hardware store in up state NY. I got 2 and one will have a little sink in it.
Summer yard....
extra places to put the stuff...yeeks


Anonymous said…
That looks like quite a project. It is such a wonderful thing to have a good studio.
Karen Owen said…
How exciting for you! It looks like it will be an awesome space. A little jealousy here. Nah, I'm just teasing. I'm very happy for you, but I also know it will be lots of work getting it all put together.

Hey, it won't be long before we get to meet at Art & Soul!
Anonymous said…
Hi Deirdra,

Thank you for your visit on my blog ;-)

This post reminds me my home building.....

;-) .....


Louloupi ;-)
Ooooh, Deirdra! I can't wait to see the whole thing once it's ready to show!


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