Today I am sitting for a portrait by James Kirk of her self! Looking at the video I posted below and thinking about Mothers Day and the gift of being a woman has inspired my Day.
He meet me last Feb. and said he loved my eyes (well he said orbs meaning my eye sockets and the way they looked). So I am wear blue to bring them out. I have posted one of his portraits. I think this is his friend and mine Marilyn. Very amazing painting.

Later in the Day: Wow I just went to the session. James didn't want my blue top. He wanted my nude colored little slip. It allowed him to see my neck and shoulders. I think it will be really interesting when he is through with his commission works. I can't wait. It was very special and I learned things from him as he talked about his work.


Karen Owen said…
Hi, Deirdra! I guess you're not talking about the Star Trek captain. Oops, letting my geek side show. :o) His painting is beautiful, and I can't wait to see the one he does of your beautiful face.


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