My wonderful blog friend Joan "shades of joan"
is a beautiful woman. She writes the most moving posts, with prose and poetry, filled with lovely photo's and occasional paintings. She posted a sublime photo of the Twilight in PA that she called "A Tub full of Rainbow Sherbet" I used it in the back of this illustration.
As you know I am working on photo shop and my illustrations. I just love this little offering. Our worlds have blended. My yard in the snow & her part of the world have come together in sweet sherbet joy!


Anonymous said…
You are doing great in photoshop. I love the combination of the beautiful backgrounds and a drawing...perfect blend.
I have spend time on Joan's blog it is great...she is a wonderful blogger. I just bookmarked her site.
GreenishLady said…
I love those illustrations, Deirdra. I really want that book when it's done!
Stacy Parker said…
It was wonderful to meet you in Edmonds. Your Work is beautiful the style is one of a kind.

Stacy From Le Palmier
Stacy Parker said…
It was a wonderful meeting you in Edmonds. I love your work! it is one of a kind.
I am just loving this style..I'm sending my hubbie over to look!
juliaD said…
So Beautiful and soft these images meld together so well...I am in awe of your ability to use photoshop it is so hard to me?..
xx Julia

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