Animated Nisse made for Norweign TV by Rune Spanns

In the process of working on the illustrations for my book I sometimes need help..Draw a few minutes....spend hours researching in books and google images to make my scene. Yesterday was one of those days....but I put together the coolest image in photo shop to work with! Such a moment of awe when I realized this is the Movie for my story. I could see the actors and the scenes. I will hold it in my heart as I pitch it for a movie. At the SCBWI conference one of the sessions is about how to get your book made into a movie..... I can see it now.....

To imagine with me click here to see a little movie clips of an animated Nisse made for Norweign TV bumpers/little shorts...very high on the movie were it says "Watch Nisse" when you get to the page. Rune Spaans, a 33 years old graphic artist from Norway made this wonderful film.


Anonymous said…
I can see it also...I loved the clips/bumps. Thank you for sharing your vision.
Sandra Evertson said…
Gorgeous blog!
Sandra Evertson

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Had too.........
Lenka said…
Wow - how interesting! Thank you for sharing!
paris parfait said…
It is fantastic! Wishing you all the best with your endeavour.
Dayna Collins said…
Deirdra, what a wonderful vision to have! Knowing your creativity and drive, it will happen! Dayna

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