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"Song Castles in the Sand" song and beautiful views of James Hubbells "Surf Song" in Del Mar.
James Hubbell design/art "Surf Song" in Del Mar built in 1977

You can hear me sing on the youtube a beautiful song by Muriel Anderson why she plays the harp guitar. And to my husband music. I am posting my process of dreaming and praying to encourage you too of the possibility of reaching your true self that is buried in your dreams..your desires that God has put in you. His dreams for you that are Good and hopeful and have a future!! Love to hear you stories....

 I have been in Southern CA. Dreaming and praying about being near my son and his family. It is a big dream with a big price tag. So it takes much prayer with faith and trust.
 I was given a gift ...a little love letter by God to encourage me. I went to visit my son and also to look at the land to see where I would want to be and what to believe and pray for. To see where God would want John and I  to live.
 An amazing things happen. As I was looking at open houses I saw a home with a big price tag in Del Mar. I sent an email to John saying this would be my dream home. I just noticed that it had art, pine trees, ocean view and dream. That is why I love Montecito  by Santa Barbara. I was raised in the country of Southern CA that had wonderful buildings and vision...The Mission Inn was my play ground...where I would go draw and dream....with views of the Mountains, rocks and trees. I also lived in Florida so Santa Barbara is a perfect combo of the two places of my dreams..I also lived in England and would visit the Manor houses.
 I have cherished being in water all my life a gift from my bio Dad whose family loved water..I am a little mermaid. I was a life guard and swim teacher and so was my son. I believe that water is more about mystery and intuitive ways of knowing..of God.
My husband loves a view where he can write more beautiful music. Del Mar has the wonderful aspects of Santa Barbara of canyons, surf and mountains.

I was blessed years ago to meet James Hubbell you can read about it below.
The love letter from God was that this "Surf Song" home was built by James Hubbell! And I didn't realize it. But when I did I wrote the Realtor and found out it was an open house! The only day I could have come!! So I knew it was from God to have the visit and the vision. 

So I am pregnant with seed for another home. It will take much money and Faith. But my job is to pray and believe it is Gods job to figure out how and when and to bring the finances. 
We just keep doing what he tells us to do with the gifts of our hands..and He say's a man's gift will make room for him.

If you have seen my beautiful big home on a hill on this blog you will realize it wasn't an easy journey.People are blessed when they visit..the yard, the views and decor..the light!!  It was a miracle gift from God and answer to a prayer of Faith he gave me to believe.

Me at Beach in Malibu praying over notes from George and Terri Pearsons "How to Believe God for a House"

I have been listening to a series called "How to Believe God for a House". by Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons. It was a similar process I went about to receive the house we live in now 12 years ago. I will share with you about it and the answer to that prayer in another post. (this one is long enough ha)

Below is a photo of the Boy's House of James Hubbell in Julian CA. I had the pleasure of standing in it years ago.

Hubbell home in Jullian CA
James Hubbell is can listen to him on youtube.
Here are some things he said.
On Art by James Hubbell 
"Science is about finding truth. Art’s is about finding mystery.......

I am curious why we are we so interested in Controlling everything. From schools to Genetics. We seem to not want any accidents and history has told us that is not possible.......
I am hoping we are going into the Romantic Area where Mystery and the unknown are celebrated and not afraid of."
James Hubbell

I am hoping we are going into the Romantic Area where Mystery and the unknown are celebrated and not afraid of."
James Hubbell

What I wrote on the youtube song. 
Published on Oct 21, 2013
Harp Guitar by John Doan and Muriel Anderson. Open house Oct 2013 tour. Home film of "Surf Song" designed by James Hubbell. A personal dream & prayer film for livng on the south coast of CA. near my family.

A film dedicated to a Prayer to my God, to Love, and a Image of Life on the Southern CA coast. To James Hubbell beautiful vision for living in the south end of CA. infused by the Spirit of God. To my Grandfather Claude Bonine whom I lived with in my childhood. He was a builder of dreams with his brilliant artistry in Cabinets and various magical homesteads. They were more than homes just as James Hubbell homes where more than. Claudes homes were works of art, a place for people and family to dream and have joy. I honor my Grandfather and God for the vision God gave our family. For my Grandfather giving me his gift of love of place and nature.

I have built with my husband a beautiful Castle on the hill of Oregon. I see now where my artistic visions have come from. This song "Castle in the Sand" lovingly written by Muriel Anderson speak of the truth of what homes and place are truly for...the LOVE you can give people and to build a BEAUTIFUL thing!!

My husband JOHN DOAN and MURIEL ANDERSON'S compositions and exquisite Harp Guitar playing come together to bless this most humble video.

I didn't realize when I did the quick filming of the home that I would want to express it in a youtube video. So please forgive the poor quality. I used some of the low rez photo's off online Coldwell Banker Real Estate ad for the house in Del Mar. If I am contacted I would love to add the name of the photographer for credit.

For more information on the work of James Hubbell please go to his foundation. He and Anne gave me refuge for a few hours at their home talking to me and giving me great joy with their beauty during one of the most diffictult times of my life. Thank you James and Anne

To enjoy more of the music please go to and

To see my blog and art go to
The song "Castles in the Sand" by Deirdra Doan is available on Itunes.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sumerian Scuptures "Who's Image are you Worshiping..where is your Altar?"

I have been dealing Image.
What is my true image and where does my image of my self come from???
Photo in Mirror with Doll (image)
As I have been going through this journey of my true identity and how I walk in it interesting things come up recently. 

Our local museum has a fascinating show Called "Breath of Heaven Breath of Earth"

When I go to Europe or NY or large museums I usually only take a brief look at the Ancient Middle East Sculptures etc. I don't have time to really get into them. Though I find them interesting now that I make dolls. 

But now with a show in my own town I have time to understand and appreciate this art. The museum show and the lectures give me an opportunity to not only reflect on the Beauty of the Art but also to reflect on the times and the Biblical story's of Abraham and Ur and the different gods that are mentioned in the Scriptures that are part of my studies and faith daily. 
It has brought to life the places and the people. I can see sculptures  like the votive sculptures that represent the looks and the hopes and dreams of an individual of that time. 

Wow…right there..real people of Ur and what they believed and looked to for their life and truth. 

These where the first people to write. So we know things about their understanding beyond  what can be see in the artist images. 
My favorite piece in the show
These were my first impressions when I went to the show. 
Isn't it beautiful!!!

But last night I had more insights from the lecture by Dr. Jean Evans

Gifts for the Gods: Sumerian Art from the Temple

Dr. Jean Evans, Research Associate at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and author of The Lives of Sumerian Sculpture: An Archaeology of the Early Dynastic Temple, will present an illustrated lecture on Sumerian mythology and religious beliefs as reflected in the votive sculptures, plaques, and other items found in 
Sumerian temples.

Dr. Jean talked about how these people made images Votive Sculptures to represent them selves on a deeper level. They would give gifts and earn the right to put their image in the temple of their gods. 

This little image of themselves could do worship while they weren't there. Their image like a votive candle would be praying and doing things before their gods all day long to insure they where protected and favored etc. The person who gave the idol that represented them self had all their hopes in this little image to have their prayers answered.

But then weirdly enough their own image in the temple was in the outer courts of the temple. Only the high priests could go into the temple alter and worship and do rituals before the main god of the temple. 

So their Votive image of themselves had access through the priests to worship the through the Priests they got to worship and do rituals. 

But other people who didn't have the money or access to have a  votive image in the temple where left out. The only way they could worship their god was to worship the at the little idol Votive image of other people who did have access. So this Votive image was left in the outer courts. And the poor people could worship their gods second hand ..not through the priests through their votive image. But only 3rd hand by worshiping at the Votive image in the outer court! 
 (they did their rituals right there to that idol)

At first I was really confused…you mean people where worshiping the idol of the person who was worshiping the big god idol???

Yep!! …..Wew...think of that........

I like the idea of having direct access directly to God and He made a way to do that see your true self and image in the direct face of your Creator... 

Hebrews 4:14-16

King James Version (KJV)
14 Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession.
15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.
16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

For more of my thoughts on these Images..I just created a new Blog. 
It is Called Deirdra Doan "In His Image". Click here to see more on this post. It is more about my journey into my true self and the journey of getting there. It has a point of view and if you are interested please go there. This new blog comes in Oct. 6 years later from my first post here...This Deirdra Doan blog has been such a blessing to me in this is. Happy Blog anniversary!!