Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Movies a life Journey "Finding your True Self"

I was named after this movie..When you hear how beautiful the name Deirdre sounds in the mouth of Betty Davis you will see why my mother at age 7  choose my name. Old Acquaintance (1943) Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHRO8BlijSI

 But it was more than just a movie…My name meant the Sorrowful One..full of tears..after the Deirdre of the Celtic Story..she knew things that others would not listen to and when they didn't listen and where destroyed she cried…a name I hoped to prove wrong....

and yet the redemptive meaning was transliterated… from Gaelic.. is God on my Blessing! Little keys to my life story. I have seen movies that meant things to me… lesson that are told in the stories of these movies…little poems to help me on my way. Some that were role models for me and things to try on to find my own identity or false identity's.…. some to show me the pain hidden inside and some to show me the way out and some to act as parables of Gods love for me in love story's. All part of my journey to my True and Real authentic self.

 People who don't come to a sense of Being and Well Being in their mothers love suffer and act out greatly in their lives…this comes through some kind of separation..before 1 year for the sense of Being and 3 years for Well Being feelings......as in the Book by Frank Lake Clinical Theology and Leanne Paynes books who teach about how to come up and out into Life. Important books in my life.

 These children are left with Separation anxiety and possible terrible feelings of Non Existence. People act out in various ways to try to connect with others have addictions or find ways to try and solve their horrible loneliness through unhealthy relationships.

 In the movie Old Acquaintance you can only imagine why Betti Davis would put up with her narcissistic friend..but each woman had their own pain to act out on each other. Movies and songs are so amazing how the capture these broken places. Old Acquaintance Tribute: All I Know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHcsvyPwMKE On this theme of finding ones identity and living through another Identity. Movies that touched me. There seemed to be a pattern in my generational family line.  I know more and more about it each day as I come into understanding and repentance.... Walking out is a real "Pilgrimage's Progress" story..and a wonderful journey yet a bumpy path to true LIFE!!.

 Something Borrowed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_w-dyV9bJM

Why were Darcy and Rachel the way they were? I don't know as the  movie doesn't tell you… but Dex was never allowed to know His identity as His father threw him under the bus for his mother's life and mental health..so he didn't know who he was in Mother or Fathers eyes. He was out of touch with his real self. Interesting one of the comments on the youtube. Check them out..some people where touched like me.

 30 going on 13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCNmY7QX4I0

Looking to another for your Identity. Taking on a false self! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIp1yrvfqtk&list=PLCyJpK8LIRZZs11S2tAkvT2czHCYUQq20

But Do overs are possible …not without some bumps and pain but In Christ the blessing of becoming your true self will come through Faith and Patience.

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Lisa Graham Art said...

Hi Deirdra...I so enjoyed this post and the last one. I have found you on Facebook. Lots of things to ponder and I have no gift with words. I am going to watch Old Acquaintance, it looks wonderful. My mom is an old movie genius...bet she has seen it.