Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Decorating...

 It seems that January is time to paint rooms and furniture.
But what started it was that chair with the black and white cover....It is a massage chair..and UGLY!! But hubby wanted it and they are nice..and a good deal from our friend. So...what to do..Redecorate! And that cost him for sure..But we both love it. 
I wanted to paint my guest bedroom. I love the French Gray look that is so in now. I went on line to find a grey. 
Nate Burkas likes the Ben Moore Silver Lake grey. I used the Pebble Beach that was just lighter and had it color matched in ACE new Kinsington high end paint primer/paint. It is 

 My guests have rebelled at sleeping in a full size bed! In England you don't have a choice most of the time..but I thought OK...maybe a Queen will fit. I hated getting rid of the wonderful Old wood bed I had handmade from about 1860's. It was 3/4 and I had it remade to be full. 

 Then I found this wonderful bed on craigslist and fell in love! I also made a friend of the woman selling it..ha.

I had to make it into a platform bed ..I don't like box springs..too much spring and then they break down! I also love Beautyrest beds best!!! So do my guests! They always say how well they sleep.

Next came the painting of the bed...I have never used the new milk paints but I went down to my local gift/antique mall where they do amazing things with furniture...

They sell the magazine from Denmark that is so lovely....Jeanne d'Arc Living

I wanted that old world look.
So I consulted a few of the girls at the shop...
And low and behold they started selling Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  It is flakes off and does great weird things..don't even have to wash off or sand. I finished the piece with wax. Normally I would use clear but I used a pine colored wax..for because I wanted a bit of a wood look left. I watered down the paint and did one coat. It is so fabulous!!
I am working on another desk that I will sell that is oak top and wicker under. The one I took out.

Shutter Gray..with a little Linen white milk paint over the top.

I brought in my old euro pine table and desk from downstairs. I like that look old euro..simple.... The wood is dry but with guest and spills I think I am going to just leave the tables unfinished. I had to sand off a water stain on my old I figured..they are already water stained so why bother making them better...Then I don't care if the guests messes up....

What is this little beauty? A painting I am selling..old 1920's Hollyhock floral..let me know if you are interested. It is 28x24
It just never works anywhere in my house but it is signed and so nice!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely... just like you!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous. Glad I'll have a fun place to stay, but I'll miss the great picture you did on the wall over the bed. That's the same room, right? It looks so much bigger and open now.

Come do mine next! The one you all sleep in when you visit. I'm about to hire someone to gut the downstairs of wallpaper. You said you might have someone?

Trust you to finish a long concert tour all over the place and instead of coming home and resting every year, you redecorate. It is so you. I'm next!! :D

michelle allen said...

beautiful Deirdra!!!
hope you are well and enjoying 2013 so far.

spindelmaker said...

Wow, that looks so elegant! Lovely!. You are just the queen of redecoration! I totally admire that :-)

Laura said...

I love the bed, and just adore the rug, too! Where'd you get it? Reminds me of my new rug in my living room. Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

Melissa Young said...

I love the pictures! Beautiful bed. Have fun redecorating!!